Psychosocial Disability

22 Apr 2020 0

At Continuity Care we support participants who have a psychosocial disability to take more control of their lives, reduce barriers and to better manage the complex challenges of day-to-day living. 

We offer support by:

  • Understanding and respecting your values and preferences on how you wish to receive your supports to achieve your goals
  • Supporting you to live independently in the community or in your family environment
  • Working with you and your support network to put a support plan in place that works for you
  • Supporting you to access the community
  • Engaging with you in a positive manner


A Recovery Coach brings specialist knowledge of lived experience and skills in psychosocial recovery.  A Recovery Coach will listen with you and understand and assist you coordinate and manage life stages, the transition of these and what supports might be more useful depending on the elements of recovery and where you are at personally in your recovery journey.

A Recovery Coach will assist you to dig deep and over time seek out what motivates you, discover and explore your values and appropriately coach that direction. Recovery and rehabilitation are non-linear. That means; recovery does not happen overnight nor does it happen in any given sequence.


A Recovery Coach can support you by:

  • Implementing the Support Plan that has been based on your individual needs

  • Exploring your aspirations whilst drawing on your strengths

  • Brainstorming with you what your recovery will look like

  • Developing resilience through decision making

  • Capacity building

  • Expanding your network of specialised supports

  • Supporting you to participate and access the community

  • Supporting you to increase recovery skills and personal capacity

  • Supporting you to engage with the NDIS- developing your voice and establishing empowerment.

  • Supporting you to understand the NDIS and other services

  • Supporting you to understand the services Mental Health provide

  • Supporting you in your relationships to feel heard and manage barriers.

  • Sharing lived experience with you to develop confidence, autonomy, resilience, and empowerment to become the best version of yourself.

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