If you have funding under the NDIS we can support you, as we are registered with the NDIS as a service provider. We can support you under your Core funding if you want help at home with your everyday living tasks, such as with self-care activities. If you are looking for short term accommodation or even Supported Independent Living, we can assist you. We can provide assistance with transport to and from appointments, help you with participating in different activities in the community, supporting you at every step. To find out more about our pricing please have a look at our pricing guide. If you would like to chat further, do not hesitate to contact us at the office, where one of our friendly staff will be very happy to assist you with your query.


At Continuity Care, we provide 4 levels of aged care. You can choose any of these levels based upon your requirements. We are ready to serve you notwithstanding the levels you are comfortable with.

  • At Level 1, we provide basic care needs.
  • At Level 2, we ensure to fulfill all your low-level needs.
  • At Level 3, we make sure that you receive all the intermediate care needs.

Finally, at Level 4, we provide you with high-level care needs. The common point in all these levels is our commitment and excellence.


At Continuity Care we believe that bringing together clinical care and health care is important to assisting you with improving your quality of life. We can tailor services to all ages based on their needs and take pride on being able to serve our community and its members through coordination, collaboration, and obligation.