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Continuity Care is NDIS registered organisation that complies with all the government requirements and works in partnership with clients to achieve their goals supporting them in every phase of their life.


Continuity Care is NDIS registered organisation that complies with all the government requirements and works in partnership with clients to achieve their goals supporting them in every phase of their life.

Continuity Care is an NDIS registered service provider who supports people in their own homes or in the community aiming to increase their independence, inclusion, and social and economic participation. We support people living with disabilities, in aged care and those who require in-home care. We recognise the need for culturally appropriate support and endeavour to provide this as effectively as we can, utilising the resources available to us to ensure everyone’s needs are addressed. The support we provide is individualised, self-directed as possible, and integrated.

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NDIS: Disability Care

If you have an NDIS plan with funding in the categories of Core or Capacity Building, we can work with you to progress towards your goals. This support will be directed by you and your support network, with whom we will work closely ensuring your needs are met. This support will be reviewed regularly, as we know that needs often change, meaning that the support you need may also need changing. We, at Continuity Care are devoted to assisting participants to access supports through the NDIS, ensuring that what we provide to you is value for money, effective and beneficial to your needs, and working towards your goals. We will work with you and your informal supports, as well as any other support networks if you want us to, so that we can work together supporting you.

We understand it is an important decision to choose a care provider that values you and your family members choice and that can give you greater control over your independence.

Under the NDIS we can provide the following services to you dependant on your plan.
  • Assistance with Accommodation / Tenancy
  • Plan Management
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation
  • Community Engagement
  • Assist Daily Tasks/Shared Living
  • Assist Personal Activities
  • Assist Personal Activities High needs
  • Assist with Personal Care
  • Assist – Travel / Transport
  • Community Nursing Care
  • Life Stage, Transition
  • Assist with Household Tasks
  • Assist with Appointments
  • Development – Life Skills
  • Group/Centre Activities
Our team of friendly and passionate staff will provide the support needed to empower you to continue doing the things you like to do in your own home or in our SIL houses.

Property Plan

We are committed to providing those who need support a service that is tailored to their needs, bringing positive change and improvements to people’s health and well-being. We love to serve our community and the members who live and participate in it. Please read further for information on the SIL properties we may have available for your consideration.


Property Location

The Property is in central location to amenities & community parks of North lakes.


Property Inclusions

Communal Furniture 24/7 Support Quaspanfied Support Staff Meals in the home Activities in the home and communication Local Group transport Netfspanx


Property Considerations

You will be sharing with two other clients with similar care needs.

Support Coordination

A Support Coordinator helps you to activate your plan, quickly and in a way that builds your capacity and independence. Support Coordinator’s identify services that can help you to achieve your goals, these may include formal (an organisation contracted to supply your needs) informal (family, friends, other supports who assist you) to help you have choices about what services you receive.

If you choose Continuity Care as your support coordination service, we aim to provide you with choices and options that both maximises your NDIS funding and brings you a quality of life you want. An important part of Support Coordination is approaching needs and goals creatively and resourcefully to get the best out of your plan. You will find Continuity Care Support Coordinators approachable and understanding of your needs.

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Continuity Care provides a wide range of services including, but not limited to domestic support, social support, respite care, personal care, home maintenance, transport and multidisciplinary services. These services are directed at meeting all of your needs and achieving the activities that are of importance to you.

My Aged Care - Cost of Services
Effective as of July 2019
  • Rates are charged on an hourly basis.
  • Medical consumables are not included in the above rates and may be charged separately.
  • Support workers and Nurses are employed by Continuity Care.
  • Case management fees as per discussion.
  • Continuity Care has the right to charge for cancelled visits if less than 24 hours of notice is provided.
  • For overnight stays adequate bedding must be provided.
  • *Allied health professionals may be subcontracted to reputable third-party organisations making the price of this variable.

Service Type




Public Holiday

Support Worker







Support Worker/Overnight

Nightly, hourly rate if needed to be awake or woken.












Nursing – Overnight







Allied Health

Hourly, Supplied through business hours only.







$1 per KM (To be booked in advance)

How We Work

Plan Management

If you are looking for a Plan Management Provider Continuity Care can provide this service. We have an experienced financial team member who with the support of Chartered Accountants will work with you to manage your NDIS funds. We will arrange payments of invoices to service providers for services delivered, will monitor your budget, and will keep you informed of your plan utilisation. It is our job to pay the bills taking the stress away from you so you can enjoy getting the most out of your plan.

Submit Invoice

Providers and participants submit their invoices through our gateway.


We will seek your permission to pay the invoices either via email or call.

Submit Claim

We will claim the invoices from NDIS MyPlace Portal.

Funds Recived and Paid

If the claim is successful. We will pay the invoice.


We will tell you and your provider that we have paid the invoice.

Real Time Information

We will provide you an app to get real time information, about the financial information.

Tailored, flexible services

Our Services

Supported Disability Accommodation

Assist -Personal activities


Community Nursing Care

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

Community Participation

Household Tasks

Plan Management

Accommodation/Tenancy Services

Assistance with Personal Activities high needs

Life stage transition

Development Life skills

Specialised Support Coordination

Group/Centre activities

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WHY CHOOSE Continuity Care

Over 20 years of experience

Continuity Care is owner operated business which was created for the purpose of providing a fresh, new perspective on Community Care where we maintain continuation care by staff with more then 20 years of experience..

All the In-Home services you need

At Continuity Care, we provide caregivers who are experienced, compassionate, caring, and provide Value Based Person-Centered Care involving family members where possible..

Tailored, flexible services

We provide continuation of care keeping you at the center of everything we do. We take the time to get to know you and understand your goals and ways of life to give you the best possible care and support..

Our people

Our staffs are thoroughly screened and trained during our specialized on boarding process so that we are confident that you receive the best person centered care using therapeutic relationship..

24/7 support

To achieve continuation of care our friendly team is available to help you every day and night, including weekends and public holidays to achieve your goals..

No exit or joining fees

At Continuity Care we are confident that, you will receive Value Based, Person-Centered Care, So we are not worried about the joining and exiting fees..

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